Moonway Therapeutics

About Moonway Therapeutics


Like our sacred breath, the Moon is always moving, always waxing or waning. Like our moods and thoughts and bodies, it is ever-changing. Owned and operated by massage therapist, artist, yogi, Wisconsin native (and moon enthusiast) Elizabeth Emer, Moonway Therapeutics offers gentle + nourishing means to navigate the ceaseless ebbs and flows of life. Massage therapy and myofascial release bring deep healing to both the body and spirit; meditation gives us a very practical path to mental well-being and overall stability among the chaos;  self-reflection helps us learn from the past and points us where we want to go.

The name ‘Moonway’ is inspired by Elizabeth’s experience living in New Mexico and deep respect for the Navajo culture. Change, beauty and harmony are the basis of traditional Navajo cosmology, and accordingly their sacred ceremonies bear the word ‘way.’ Moonway Therapeutics’ logo embodies and blends moon phases- either a waxing gibbous (the phase just before the full moon), or a waning crescent (which appears just before a new moon)- with the mysterious and beautiful golden spiral, omnipresent in so much of nature. Each of these moon phases represents the completion of that cycle before it breaks into the bountiful energy and the shifts that come with either a full or new moon.


At Moonway Therapeutics your bodywork treatment includes the use of an herbal massage oil (a handmade blend with herbs known to soothe calm the nervous system, also available for sale in-house or at the online shop), heat via warm towels and a table heating pad, and essential oils. Second- and third- trimester pregnant women can count on maximum relaxation by lying on their bellies on a special cushion placed over the table, if appropriate. Also offered and sometimes integrated into massages are reflexology and shiatsu, increasing your options for relaxation and pain relief. We take very special care to give each client the nourishment that they need, by listening carefully to their goals for the session, and by intuitively listening to the body. Whether it is deep tissue, gentle Swedish massage, foot reflexology, or specific myofascial release techniques, you can expect to receive what you need!