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Moonway Herbal + Therapeutic Massage


A massage-based bodywork session tailored to your specific requests and needs. Your treatment may include Swedish and deep tissue massage, myofascial release, foot reflexology, shiatsu, and stretching. Throughout the treatment you will be warmed and soothed with hot towels, anointed with essential oils, and massaged with a handmade herb-infused massage oil.

The 15 - 45 minute treatments are perfect if you have something specific you would like worked on, or if your budget or schedule is limited. You will be surprised at how relaxed you can become in a small amount of time! It is recommended to choose one area of the body to work more specifically on. 15-minute sessions may be treated on the chair, depending on what each clients' needs are.

15 minutes ::: $25 | 30 minutes ::: $40

45 minutes ::: $55 | 60 minutes ::: $70

75 minutes ::: $75 (RECOMMENDED)

90 minutes ::: $95

Prenatal Herbal + Therapeutic Massage


Massage therapy during pregnancy offers women a supportive, non-judgmental, and nurturing environment. It provides deep relaxation, minimizes the effects of stress and anxiety, and relieves many common discomforts of pregnancy. Each treatment includes evaluations to ensure that the client is a safe candidate for massage, postural advice, special positioning (a prenatal cushion is available for lying face-down, where appropriate), use of herbal massage oil and essential oils safe for pregnancy, and massage tailored to each clients' needs and desires.

75 min ::: $75 | 90 min ::: $95

Shiatsu Session


Shiatsu is a form of Japanese bodywork that employs slow, steady compression while rhythmically moving up and down the meridians of the body. It is an extremely relaxing and gentle treatment intended to calm the sympathetic nervous system and balance the energy flows of the body.

60 minutes ::: $70

Foot Massage + Reflexology


Reflexology is a technique that focuses on specific pressure points within your feet corresponding to organs and regions throughout your body. This luxurious 75-minute treatment includes a 60-minute foot massage + reflexology treatment and a 15-minute Epsom salt foot bath with essential oils and detoxifying mineral clay.

75 minutes ::: $75

Massage Therapy with Moonway Therapeutics