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Reflection Session- Intuitive Card Readings with Moonway Therapeutics

Reflection Session

( Guided Meditation + Intuitive Card Reading )

What does it mean to reflect? To me, the word 'reflection' calls to mind quietude, peace, the privilege to be still and mull something over at an unhurried pace. I see calm waters- Nature's perfect mirror whose faces are ever-changing, but always dependable in their ability to reflect the light of the sun, the glow of the moon, or our faces when we look upon them on a bright day.

Why is it important to reflect? Similar to practices such as meditation or yoga, you notice that reflection requires some level of stillness, and of slowing down. To slow down and to notice oneself- whether this is the quality of your breath, the busy-ness of the mind, or patterns of behavior in your life- can be revolutionary, and absolutely transformative. You are no longer, then, obliged to continue breathing erratically, or to follow every crazy thought, or to continue negative patterns, if you can simply call them out.

Reflection Sessions at Moonway Therapeutics offer you this unhurried space and the tools to look into the waters of yourself. Through the use of gentle guided meditation and tarot cards, we will make space for you to get clear- whether this is about yourself and your life currently; a specific question; a specific situation; or anything else!


Elizabeth has been working with tarot and intuitive card readings for herself for about 6 years—it has been an extraordinarily fun (and very useful hobby)! She’s honored to share this practice with others, and for a limited time will be offering a very reduced price for Reflection Sessions as she learns to navigate intuitive card readings for others.

45-minute session ::: $20